Paintings Conservation and Restoration

From the early paintings in the Fourteenth Century to the work of contemporary artists, the paintings conservation and restoration field embraces a broad range of materials and techniques. From the old egg tempera technique to the contemporaneous acrylic painting, there are a wide variety of conservation techniques to be applied according to the necessities of each unique artwork. Among the primary Painting Restoration treatments it can be mentioned the structural conservation of the supports (canvas, panels, metal plates or contemporary composite materials), the delicate cleaning of surfaces, removal of darkened or yellowed varnishes (including, if necessary, the elimination of old overpaints) and the filling and reintegration of losses.

  • Varnish Removal

    Varnish Removal

    Varnish removal treatments to recover the original aspect and chromatic values.

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  • Overpaints Removal

    Overpaints Removal

    The painting technique of Orville Bulman has an inherent problem of delamination, there is no cohesion between the ground and…

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  • Lining a painting

    Lining a painting

    Lining: Process that consists in reinforcing the original fabric by the means of another one that is adhered to the back. Usually…

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  • Major Damages Restored

    Major Damages Restored

    This portrait was in extremely bad condition with serious major damages. Large losses, severe paint lifting, deformation and friability of the…

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