Sculpture Conservation and Restoration

The field of Sculpture Conservation covers a broad spectrum of three dimensional works of art which include ceramic, plaster, marble, metal, stone, wood, glass, mixed media, as well as man made materials. Due to this variety, this specialty demands an extensive knowledge of sculpture materials and fabrication techniques, both historic and contemporary. The most usual treatments are stabilization of the structures, cleaning of the surfaces, loss compensation and inpainting, all of them oriented to the recovery of its original appearance.

  • Terracotta  Restoration: Triglav

    Terracotta Restoration: Triglav

    Triglav (tree headed) is a deity in the Scandinavian mythology. He is usually depicted as a man with three heads,…

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  • Marble Restoration

    Marble Restoration

    Marble is a durable stone widely used for sculptures due to its natural beauty, but can easily break if a…

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  • Bronze Sculpture Polished

    Bronze Sculpture Polished

    The bronze sculpture "Figure Sans Nom" created by Jean (Hans) Arp (1886-1966) was conceived in 1957 and cast in 1961…

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  • Protective Coating in Bronzes

    Protective Coating in Bronzes

    In this sculpture, most of the surface alterations were calcareous deposits due to hard water used for garden watering. They…

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