Objects Conservation and Restoration

Objects are three-dimensional works of art or artifacts, usually made from a variety of inorganic materials, including stone, ceramic, metal, terracotta, or plaster as well as organic materials such as wood, plant fibers, leather, and other manipulated natural materials. Also, plastics or other man-made materials are often found in modern or contemporary works of art. Objects are frequently composites of different types of materials and may involve paint layers, coatings, or other decorative elements in a wide diversity of media; therefore objects conservation and restoration can be very complex as well as one of the most demanding and challenging areas of the conservation field. To prevent damage in the field of objects conservation, it is necessary to emphasize careful handling and a stable environment. When talking about objects, as in many other cases, the use of gloves, frequent dusting and a clean environment or maintaining a stable relative humidity level, will reduce substantially the degradation rate.


  • Lao Tzu Jade Figure

    Lao Tzu Jade Figure

    Lao Tzu, also called Laozi, was the founder of the philosophical Daoism. The legend says that Lao Tzu was travelling…

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  • Cornish Serpentine Vase

    Cornish Serpentine Vase

    This Cornish serpentine vase was made with a beautiful stone found in the southern part of Cornwall, which polishes to a…

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  • Oriental Black Lacquer Fan

    Oriental Black Lacquer Fan

    This double leaf, black lacquer folding fan had the leaf torn in several places. Most of it was still attached…

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  • Terracotta Restoration

    Terracotta Restoration

    Made out of terracotta, this object is a Ming Dynasty tomb attendant, with the body covered in green and gold glazes.…

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