Paper Conservation and Restoration

The Paper Conservation and Restoration field is very complex and delicate. Due to its accessibility, paper has been widely used as a support for works of art in an extended variety of media, including watercolors, pastels, drawings and all kind of art prints such as lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, silk screens, etc.; as well as cultural ephemera ranging from documents and maps to wallpaper. Because of its own nature, it is also very susceptible to damage due to environmental factors and mishandling. Nevertheless, there are a wide range of conservation and restoration treatments (mending tears, infilling losses, stain reduction inpainting, etc.) capable of returning the damaged item to a stage in which it can be valued and appreciated again. The paper conservation and restoration area is one of our top specialties.

  • Tide Lines: An Example of Water Damage

    Tide Lines: An Example of Water Damage

    The drawing was damaged on a flooding. The treatment to eliminate the tide lines consisted in washing and light bleaching.

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  • Conservation of Charcoal and Sanguine Drawings

    Conservation of Charcoal and Sanguine Dr

    Conservation of Charcoal and Sanguine drawings is very challenging. With this media, fixing is not an option since this treatment…

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  • Mat Burn

    Mat Burn

    The acidity present in bad quality mats and other framing materials can cause serious damages to the artwork. This alteration…

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  • Tape Stain Removal

    Tape Stain Removal

    Tape Stains are caused by the migration of the adhesive from self-adhesive tape into the fibers of the paper.  Tape…

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