Insurance Services – Disaster recovery

Fires, floods, natural disasters or damages in transit can happen at any time; that is why in South Florida Art Conservation, we provide Insurance Services - Disaster Recovery. SFLAC works with insurance companies and claims adjusters, providing an evaluation of the damages and conserving and restoring works of art and artifacts that have been affected by fire, flood or other disasters.

During transport, the wrapping paper became attached to the surface of the painting
We actively monitor hurricanes to be ready when needed

Living in Florida since 2003, our staff members had actively participated in recovery efforts following hurricanes Katrina and Rita during 2005 summer as well as some other flood and fire events. These experience give us a unique training for the required fast response that can guarantee minimum damage. South Florida Art Conservation has a broad experience providing insurance services- disaster recovery services, working with insurance adjusters, homeowners, and art institutions to assess the damages and restore when necessary fine art, collectibles, and memorabilia after a disaster. We will compile for both, the insurance company and the insured, all the information and expert analysis needed to process the claim. We will work with claims adjusters in a timely manner to determine the extent and nature of the damages, along with a proposal with the most appropriate restoration treatments for each individual piece. Our evaluation process will identify pre and post-event damages, providing advice to the insurance adjuster and art collector about what can be restored, to what extent, and applying the most effective methods to achieve the best results. SFLAC will also work with living artists in order to perform the work in compliance with the Visual Artists Act of 1990 (VARA).

Our staff is trained to perform damage assessments and emergency pack outs, advising about priorities to direct the initial efforts, and in aiming to minimize the effects of the event.

Our expert evaluation will ensure that only the necessary conservation and restoration services will be applied to return the artwork to its pre-event condition.

No matter what the nature of the damage affecting the artwork or artifact, we will provide the necessary measures to preserve it. Our professional staff is experienced in routinely treating a broad variety of problems caused by mishandling, natural disasters, fire and water damage among other things.

Objects conservation - Before and After

Our insurance services - disaster recovery services include:

  • Consulting:
    • On site evaluations, Damage and loss surveys, Remediation protocol, Written reports, Photo documentation, Conservation and restoration
  • Art handling:
    • Inventory, Pack out, Transportation and storage

Our company offers:

  • South Florida Art Conservation can provide you with evaluations, conservation and restoration of paintings, antique furniture, antique decorative arts (general antiques), and other specialties.
  • Our conservators have advanced graduate credentials in art and antique restoration.
  • Many leading insurance carriers retain us including Chubb Group Insurance Company and AXA Art Insurance Corp.
  • We are considered one of the best-equipped conservation/restoration firms in the State of Florida.
  • We have a wide experience in fire, water, and windstorm/hurricane recovery.