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And welcome to our workshop! Our specialty is Painting Conservation. Call us to schedule an appointment to visit our installations or for a free consultation! 561 557 4036
Find us at 500 Palm St. # 35, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Conservation and restoration of paintings. Workshop.
If you bring your artwork to our workshop, we will examine it, asses the condition, develop a treatment proposal and give you an estimate at no cost. Please call us in advance to schedule an appointment so we can give your piece the amount of time it deserves. We offer Art Conservation and Art Restoration services to Museums, Private Collectors and Art Dealers. Our experts will repair any damages found in your artworks. Our services include, among other things, painting conservation, cleaning, paper restoration, tear repair, sculpture cleaning, maintenance and object repair. You can also count on us for Art Consultations, to determine the degree of the damages and Conservation Assesments to have an estimate of the cost of the restoration treatment. more...

Services : Conservation and Restoration

In South Florida Art Conservation we offer services ranging from simple cleaning to full restoration of damaged artworks.

We also provide assessment to institutions and insurance companies in collections management, and conduct on-site condition reports and conservation / restoration treatment proposals for large collections and oversized projects. Our main specialization is the conservation/restoration of damaged artworks.


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Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, by appointment only. Call us at 561 557 4036 or 561 254 5887. We are located at 500 Palm St. # 35, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. One block from the Norton Museum.

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Painting Conservation and Restoration

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The conservators at South Florida Art Conservation, Jeronimo Perez and Amparo Escolano, are Professional Associates of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

Painting Conservation is our major specialty. Paintings on display are continuously collecting dust and grime as an effect of the environmental conditions. These accumulations easily entrap and release moisture causing continuous fluctuations of humidity that weaken the canvas and alter the structure of the painting. In these cases you’ll need to hire a conservator to restore the painting to its original state, performing tasks as painting cleaning, structural consolidation, inpainting, etc.

Other services offered by South Florida Art Conservation include Art Consultation and Conservation Assessments. We help collectors to determine the condition and degree of damages in an artwork prior to any acquisition. Also we provide museums and collectors with guidelines to prevent and slow down the deterioration processes occurring in their artwork, and finally, we assess the value of the cost of the restoration of any damaged piece. To learn more about painting cleaning and restoration, deterioration processes, cost of restoration treatments, condition assessments, collection maintenance, etc., contact us at South Florida Art Conservation LLC. 

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Museum trained and college educated, the members of our team have been continuously working in the conservation field since 1985, and have been serving the Palm Beach area since 2003. Come meet us! We are located at 500 Palm St. # 35, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 See us in the news: Palm-Beach-Daily-News