Oriental Black Lacquer Fan

Folding fans conservation is comprised in the objects conservation category. Their different parts: leaf, sticks and guards,  and pivot are made out of different materials and therefore the complexity and difficulty of their treatment. In this case the different materials encountered in the fan were lacquered wood, paper, watercolor, silver leaf, metal pivot and animal glues used to attach the paper to the guards and sticks, didn´t make easy the treatment.

Folding Fans Conservation Treatment

This double leaf, black lacquer, folding fan had the leaf torn in several places. Most of the pieces were still attached to the fan but stick to other parts with an animal glue in a bad attempt to repair it. To perform the treatment, the different pieces were humidified to allow the glues to soften, and then carefully separated, cleaned, and consolidated. Afterwards, they were again joined together reinforcing with Japanese paper where necessary. It was necessary to made an insert with a piece of Japanese paper in the lower leaf to complete the missing part. Some inpainting was also necessary to integrate the added insert in the overall looking of the piece.