Tape Stain Removal

Tape Stains are caused by the migration of the adhesive from self-adhesive tape into the fibers of the paper.  Tape stain removal is a very complicated operation that requires a high level of skill.

The first operation was to remove the carrier and mass of adhesive as much as possible. The residual adhesive was then reduced with the use of poultices. Poultices can be difficult to control and it is usually necessary to conduct a series of tests to determine the adequate solvent and amount of time the solvent needs to act, to avoid over cleaning the area treated. However, if performed carefully, tape stain removal can be a success.

This exquisite watercolor by the French artist Paul Signac, had an old tear repaired with regular tape. With ageing, the tape penetrated the paper, ruining the overall look of the artwork. The carrier and tape stain were removed carefully and the tear realigned to conceal the disfiguration.

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  1. I have some old Japanese Ukio-e prints mounted on other paper. I assume they were book pages. I am looking to figure out how to demount them safely. I just found your site and am fascinated. I work in many mediums and used to be a model maker, so have a love of process and materials! Susan
    • sflac
      Thanks for your compliments, Susan. And be careful with your prints! Regards, Amparo.

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