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Practical Course on Paper Conservation: Water, Paper and Bath Salts

"Papel, Agua y Sales de Baño", un nuevo curso práctico sobre conservación de papel. Este curso, que se llevará a cabo en septiembre en Almería, se centrará en aspectos clave como la gestión del pH y la conductividad durante el tratamiento de obras de arte en papel, proporcionando una profundización invaluable en este campo especializado. ¡No te pierdas esta oportunidad de expandir tus conocimientos y habilidades en la conservación de obras de arte en papel!

"Paper, Water, and Bath Salts," a new practical course on paper conservation. This course, taking place in September in Almería, will focus on key aspects such as managing pH and conductivity during the treatment of paper artworks, offering invaluable depth in this specialized field. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the conservation of paper artworks!

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Art Conservation Behind the Scenes

In conservation there are hundreds of minutes dedicated to cleaning dust and grime accumulated on the back of an artwork, removing old repairs, adhesives, and overpaints, measuring chemical parameters, making and testing adhesives and varnishes, and several other endless tasks that are essential for proper treatment but pass behind the scenes, invisible to the eye of the general public.
It is precisely all that we do behind the scenes what we want to show you, and what gives us the name to this video: Art Conservation Behind the Scenes at South Florida Art Conservation.

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