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Stretcher Keys – How to use them

Stretcher keys are the thin, triangular wooden wedges that are hammered into the slots located at the inner corners of the stretchers, in order to tighten the canvas by expanding the own stretcher. How do the stretcher keys work? Do we place the keys properly? Find the answers here.

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Tools to Outline Treatment Proposals

In art conservation, when examining an artwork to outline a treatment proposal, conservators go through a process very similar to “close reading” a text. First, they look at the artwork, pointing ....

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Paintings Conservation: Conserving a Masterpiece

The Norton Museum of Art has just opened an exhibition around the painting from Claude-Joseph Vernet ´s “The Fishermen”; a great example of a landscape painting from the mid 18thcentury.
The painting, was treated by South Florida Art Conservation during the past three months. The condition of the painting was far from optimal, with structural issues that affected the support and the paint layer.

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