What is the process to get my artwork treated by SFLAC?

What is the process to get my artwork treated by SFLAC? There are four main steps to have your artwork treated by our conservators:

1. Examination of Artwork and Objects - All items must first be examined by a SFLAC conservator. During the examination, the conservator will detail the condition of your piece, perform the necessary tests and determine the proper conservation treatment. The conservator then provides you with a written Condition Report, Treatment Proposal and Estimate.

2. Approving the Treatment - Sign and date the appropriate lines on your SFLAC Condition Report and Treatment Proposal. Send it to us together with the deposit fee check. Once we have receive it, your artwork will then be scheduled into our workflow.

3. Treatment Conservation - Treatment work begins when your piece is reached in the conservator’s queue. All treatments conducted adhere to The Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

4. Completion - When conservation treatment on your piece is complete, you will receive an invoice for our services. Once payment is received, you may pick up your piece from our facility or arrange for return shipment. You may also choose to pay for your treatment when you pick up your art or artifact. Please arrange an appointment with SFLAC to do so.