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Lao Tzu Jade Figure

Lao Tzu, also called Laozi, was the founder of the philosophical Daoism. The legend says that Lao Tzu was travelling with his donkey, going from town to town when he was approached by an emperor’s messenger. The emperor wanted him to join his court, since it was commonly known that Lao Tzu was a very…
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Cornish Serpentine Vase

This Cornish serpentine vase was made with a beautiful stone found in the southern part of Cornwall, which polishes to a finish similar to the deep sheen of marble. Initially, Cornish  serpentine was used in block form to build houses and farms, but local people used it to carve decorative objects as well. Little by little, these…
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Terracotta Restoration

Made out of terracotta, this object is a Ming Dynasty tomb attendant, with the body covered in green and gold glazes. The head of this tomb attendant arrived to us broken in a multitude of pieces. The hands were separated from the body as well. After gluing the pieces, black details remaining on the face and…
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