Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks @ Flagler Museum

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Edward S. Curtis: One Hundred Masterworks features extraordinary vintage photographs of the North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis. Curtis, born in 1868, first encountered intact Native American culture on a trip to Montana in 1900, sparking a monumental quest to safeguard and preserve the sacred legacy of the North American Indian for future generations. Financed by J.P. Morgan and his heirs, the project took thirty years, culminating in Curtis’ magnum opus, The North American Indian, a twenty-volume, twenty-portfolio set of handmade books. By his death in 1952, however, Curtis had faded into oblivion. Only recently has his work been rediscovered and treasured as it was more than 100 years ago. Today, this work stands as a landmark in the history of photography, book publishing, ethnography, and the history of the American West.

For more information go to https://www.flaglermuseum.us/exhibits/edward-s-curtis

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