Wally Findlay Galleries Acquisition

Wally Findlay Galleries Acquires David Findlay Jr Gallery, Expanding Its American Art Presence And Reuniting A Family Legacy.

Wally Findlay Galleries has acquired the David Findlay Jr Gallery (DFJG).  The galleries will operate together at 724 5th Avenue as Findlay Galleries, a return to the original name used by the Findlay family from 1870 – 1965.  The transaction closed on April 1, 2016; terms were not immediately disclosed.

This acquisition gives Wally Findlay Galleries expanded exposure in the market for American art, particularly the post-war period, by bringing the rich experience, collection, and stable of artists of David Findlay Jr Gallery into its operations.  Artists and estates represented include: Gaston Lachaise, Steve Wheeler, Herman Maril, John Opper, John Grillo, and Chuang Che.  The acquisition also reunites two branches of the same historic Findlay Galleries, divided in the 1960s.