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Mastering Inpainting

The ethics of the inpainting process, mediums and pigments, additives and modifiers, commercial brands and handmade paintings, tools and instruments, etc.
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How to take care of your collection: Just Common Sense (Part II)

Light is also an important factor that can cause damage to your collection. As a general rule, stone, metal, glass and ceramics are not dramatically affected by light, but all organic materials, that is to say, originated from plant or animals, are susceptible to be damaged by it. Textiles become brittle, colours in woodblock prints, watercolors or miniatures fade because the particles of pigment almost without any binder are fully exposed to the light; similar effects can be observed in ethnographic objects and so on.
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Outdoor Bronze Sculpture Maintenance in Florida

Due to the relative high resistance of the material, bronze has been widely used for outdoor sculpture. Traditionally, after being casted in the foundry, the surface of the sculpture is worked further to add some detail as well as to remove small imperfections, joints and casting marks. After this procedure, the sculpture is colored by…
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