Artists and Conservators

How is the relationship between artists and conservators?

As I mentioned in a previous post, each time we get to work on an artwork, we need to do a “close reading” of it, attaining deep knowledge about the piece which allows us to outline an informed condition report and a treatment proposal.

This acquired knowledge, fruit of the continuous study and understanding of all kind of artworks, together with the fine art background most of us conservators have, sets us in a position that a lot of contemporary artists envy: a profound knowledge of artist techniques, materials and its interactions. That is why we love when artists come to our studio for consultation. When that happens we try to establish an interactive and bidirectional dialogue between them and us, artists and conservators.

Artists and Conservators: Amanda Salzman paintings at our studio

Amanda Salzman Paintings at our studio


Last week we have been honored with the visit of Amanda Seelye Salzman, an American artist, born in Jordan, who’s art is a derivative of a established relationship between America and the Arab world. She has hold solo exhibitions in important cities as London, Greenwich, New York and Kuwait, group exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Tunisia, New York and London, culminating her career with her works presented in Art Basel Miami. Her creations are the result of an amazing double juxtaposition where she mixes both traditional and contemporary art as well as East and West cultures.

Artists and Conservators: Amanda Salzman reviewing our work

Amanda Salzman reviewing our work.


We collaborated with her in developing a new system for mounting her paintings onto a unique large format support. We were very happy with the results and so was she.

Thanks Amanda for allowing us to work with you and your artworks! A very pleasant and interesting experience that opens up a whole new line of business!


Save the date to see her artworks

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 

6 to 8 pm



Silk screen and acrylic paint
72 x 48 in (182 x 122 cm)

Artists and Conservators: Amanda Salzman painting

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