Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper

Last month, a short workshop on Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper was held in a private conservation studio, Restauració d'Obra Gràfica - Rita Udina, in Premià de Mar, Barcelona.

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We had an amazing time. The course was mostly hands on. It covered both, filling and inpainting, and even if the basics of Inpainting on Paper were overseen (the course was oriented towards experienced conservators and the fundamentals were considered already known) some recent and new techniques were explained and applied. The group of attendants was enthusiastic and avid to learn, test, and try these new techniques.

Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper
Paper is part of the Picture

Illustration by Helen Dryden. Strathmore campaign slogan, 1922.

In this kind of workshop, the hands on part is a must. Although some participants found that the course was a bit short, there was enough time to catch a glimpse of the techniques presented. Now, the only thing needed is to try them further, a bit of fine tuning, and adapt them to each particular artwork and necessity. In paper conservation it is very difficult to conceal the damages suffered by the paper, but some new methods, like sprayed Solkafloc (powdered micro cellulose) or even the application of the Solkafloc on top of the surface of the paper as if it was make up powder, can be a big help, easing the life of paper conservators (if at all possible). A new technique for reproducing the texture of the paper with Solkafloc was explained as well. Other techniques, like the reproduction of the leather used on the book covers with Golden acrylic resins, and new materials, like QoR watercolors from Golden, were presented to the attendants too.

Also, Escoda Brushes, a local manufacturer of high quality artist brushes, provided the attendants with some flexible, smooth, and pointy Kolinsky sable brushes which were a delight to work with. What a treat!

All these new techniques and materials open up for us, conservators, a wider fan of resources to play with while dealing with our daily tasks. That is why I think this course about Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper was a good learning experience for all the attendants, students and teachers as well.
Thank you all, Alexandra, Arantxa, Chanaka, Ciara, Daniel, Eugenia, Kullike, Nina, Orsi, and Rita, for making this Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper course unforgettable. Thank you! I truly mean it!

After the course, I spent two weeks in Madrid (on vacation, lucky me), and now, finally, I'm  back home. Home, sweet home! Even if my computer doesn't want to work with me...

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  1. Awesome!!!! Hahaha... It was an amazing team to work with, a fantastic teacher and the post just makes you want to join this workshop! Infilling and inpainting is somehow a taboo topic among conservators and this course was very much needed. I strongly recommend it. Congrats for the post Amparo!
    • sflac
      Yes Rita, as you say, it was very much needed, and you made it happen. Thanks a lot!

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